The church library is a gem . It is always accessible on the honour system, and has someone in attendance on Sundays. There are books of all types ranging from toddlers to adults, and lots of videos.

In the biography section you will find Lawrence Hill's book 'Any Known Blood'. This book has a lot of information in it about Oakville. You will also find the biography of Mother Teresa.

There are many books in the worship section including The Noble Qur'an. With all the present day interest in Islam and Moslems this is probably a good insight into their thinking.

The Fiction section includes all the past and present books read by the Book Club. There are also several series including the Jan Karon series which are always a good read. We also have many books by Karen Kingsbury which are enjoyed by many members.

There is a large children's section which is enjoyed by the Tots and Us as well as the other children in the church. We are presently trying to enlarge the section for the older teens. One book which was recommended for young people is 'We are all welcome here' by Elizabeth Berg.

In the video section there are videos for everyone. The little ones enjoy the Veggie Tales series and Thomas the Tank Engine. We have many good family movies - come in and pick one, get out the popcorn and have family movie night.