St. Paul's began an initiative, with funding from Halton Presbytery, in the fall of 2016.  This initiative is helping St. Paul's to discern it's mission in our community.  

See below for a history and current progress.
Update on St. Paul's "Loving God Loving Neighbourhood" Initiative


This fall, St. Pauls will engage in "Table Talks."  All are invited after worship to gather and discuss our vision and mission.  With the help of the Spirit, we hope to discern together God's direction for us in this community.  Below are some documents for your information.  They may be helpful in preparing for these discussions but are not necessary in being a part of conversation.

Table Talk Details

Table Talk #1 - Conversation Notes

Table Talk #2 - Conversation Notes

Summary of the first two conversations

Table Talk #3 - Conversation Notes


Consultation PowerPoint Presentation

IMNA report for St. Paul's      

IMNA Interpretation for St. Paul's

Summary of Community Roundtalbe Discussions

For a number of years, St. Paul's has also been exploring renovating its sanctuary to make is more accessible and multi-purpose.  This process has intentionaly been a slow one as we ask ourselves whether this renovation fits into the current vision for St. Paul's.  Below are some initial ideas and plans for these renovations.
Our Vision of a Renovated Sanctuary