New Here?

Visiting St. Paul’s for the first time?


When should we arrive?

 Our Sunday Worship Service is at 10:15 a.m. Most people arrive about 15 minutes early, but we have space for latecomers.  Our parking lot is large, but if it is full, feel free to park on Sybella Drive or at the YMCA next door.

 There are two entrances from Rebecca Street. The west door (the door facing Rebecca St.) has a ramp at the entrance. The back doors, or the doors on the west side, open to our lift, with an attendant for those needing this service.  Our east doors, or garden entrance, leads to the sanctuary via stairs and a welcome table, or continue a few feet further south to enter through our Watt Hall (gymnasium) entrance.

Is the church on a bus route?

 Yes. Oakville Transit route #14 stops outside the YMCA, which is next door to our church.


How many people will be there?

About 100, except in summer (and we won't ask you to stand up and introduce yourself!).


What should I wear?

Come dressed comfortably. Some of our members still wear suits and dresses, but many are casual and jeans are acceptable. You - not your clothes - are important to us.


Once inside, what happens?

Look for our greeters or ushers, stationed inside the church doors. They will happily direct you to the sanctuary for worship or to the nursery for your little ones, 0-2 years old. The nursery is optional.  We have one trained child care workers on staff in the nursery room.

Sunday School children sit with their family until story time and are then led downstairs for story time and activities.  You can certainly keep your child with you if you prefer. We have a separate classroom for ages 3 to grade one. Grades 2-8, alternate activities and classrooms.  Grade 9 and up have their own room where they engage in discussion over a variety of topics.

Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of every month.  All are welcome to participate.

Expect the service to run about an hour, and feel free to join us for coffee in Watt Hall after.  Just follow the crowd.

We take up an offering that helps support the mission of our church, but please don't feel obligated to give on your first time with us.

For more information about the service, please check out our bulletins or talk to one of our greeters.  You can also call the office, Monday to Friday, 9am-2pm.



We are located at 454 Rebecca Street, between Dorval and Fourth Line, just west of the YMCA.

Rebecca Street runs parallel to the QEW, and it is the first main artery north of Lakeshore Road and the lake.