PA Day Camps

Watch for our full day PA Day camps, where children will experiece engaging activities, fun games, healthy snacks, meet new and old friends, and know the love of God through the care of our volunteers. We accept preschool to grade four.  Grade five and up are welcome to attend as helpers and assistants and age 16 and up can lead workshops.

The cost is currently $15 a child and no more than $30 a family.  Next year, the price will increase to $25 a child and no more than $50 per family.  The price will increase to accommodate the hiring of high school students to help support the camp.


PA Day camps for 2018 are scheduled for:

To be announced.



  • For children and families to understand their community through building relationships with other groups outside of our own. 
  • To bring families together for an experience of faith and worship and mission. 
  • To provide a mission and faith experience for families to have together.
  • For this experience to become an annual program, if the desire and need is present.