Update on Sanctuary Renovation May 2018

The team has completed the work required to present a proposal to the congregation for review, discussion and decision.  On June 3rd, motions were carried to recommend to Council that this work move forward.  It will now go to Council on Tuesday, June 19th for a vote.  

Here is the proposal for the sanctuary renovation, which includes a renovated sanctuary, a new digital organ and a new front lawn sign. It has taken quite a while to get to this point as the team consists of volunteers who all have working and family lives as well as already active church commitments. As you may recall, we intentionally slowed this project down to initiate the Visioning and Mission work to allow for discussion about our future as a congregation, so that any decision to move forward with Sanctuary Renovation would be after a period of discerning our future was completed.

We invite you to study the attached proposal which also includes our recommendation on how to fund the project. There are still a few major steps and a lot of work to complete in order to realize the final outcome of the proposal.

There will be two information meetings where members of the team will be available to answer your questions and allow you to fully understand and hopefully support the proposal. One will occur May 27 shortly after the morning worship service, and another at 7:30pm on Wednesday May 30th. Both will take place in the sanctuary.

We will have a Congregational Meeting on June 3rd, immediately following the worship service to discuss and then vote on moving forward with the major pieces of the proposal.

As with the prior communications which included estimates from the Architects and now the Organ manufacturers, we ask that you keep this information confidential within the congregation for the time being.

Enjoy the read.
Harold DeVenne and David Crown, on behalf of the Sanctuary Renovation Team

May 16, 2018

Update on Sanctuary Renovation - February 2017

The first milestone has been achieved with the delivery of the Preliminary Costing Report from the architects.  The Committee has since met and we have now started on completing the balance of the work, which is substantial, to bring a complete proposal to the Council and the congregation.

We as a group understand that many of the congregation are interested in the three basic questions of how much, how do we pay for it and when will it happen.  There may also be a sense of urgency in some members for getting it done.  We will answer all of these questions before the proposal is put together, however, each of those questions requires substantial effort from a busy group of volunteers so we should probably not be expecting any construction work to begin this year.

You can view the Bulletin Insert as well as a longer document if you are interested in the details.   A request to anyone who prints or downloads a copy of the detailed report – St. Paul’s has paid for this report and it has value.  We respectfully request that you do not share it outside of the members of the congregation.

So now comes the words of caution while reviewing either the bulletin insert or the detailed report.  This is a discussion document and not a final document.  There are options and different decisions that will be made prior to the final proposal.  There is no mention of an organ in the report as that is not part of what the architects were involved with.  There may be other things such as a new sign, sanctuary heating improvements, etc. that have not been addressed at this point.  We still have a lot of work to do before we are finished, and we don’t have all of the answers yet.

As is always the case.  If you have questions or comments, please send them to either Harold at hdevenne@gmail.com or David at david.crown@sympatico.ca