January 20, 2019


Music before Service:                       Hymn Tune Improvisations

Welcome and Announcements

Statement of Traditional Territory

Chorale Introit:                                                          “All Praise to Thee”               327 VU

Call to Worship:  

One:  Before the mountains were born

All:   from everlasting to everlasting,

One:  God is a refuge and a strength.

All:   This tent, pitched in the now and among our people,

          has been a dwelling place for children to grow up within.

One:  This dwelling is a sacred vantage point for our own generation  to wait upon God.  

All:   In this church we have learned to still our lives before the  Eternal One,   

One:  We have met a compassion which never fails to comfort us.

All:   Indeed, the promises of God are renewed every morning.   

One:  From everlasting to everlasting, and even in the now.

 All:  The Lord unfurls a tent for us here,    

 One: And Spirit builds the church with our prayers, faithfulness and devotion.

 All:  Grace unfurls here and shakes our traditions with its  expansiveness. 

One:  The promise of God will continue to be renewed this morning.

All:   Let us anticipate God’s renewal of the eternal morning and  praise God who blesses life for us here. (Daryl Webber, 2016)

Lighting the Christ Candle

**Opening Hymn:                                          “Holy, Holy, Holy”                     315 VU

Opening Prayer:

Awe and grace linger on the corners of life.

Like rain in a puddle, we step over it.

Like an alarm clockon the table’s edge, we have yet to wake to it.

The Word is incessantly born in us, often distracted by our inner chatter. The Divine Midwife breathes with us, that we won’t be discouraged at mid-life.

Awe and grace, as ancient as they are, tend to our lives,

and with each passing morning, you Great Creator,

desire all the more, to stir at every corner of our being.

Dwelling in this moment, O God, we still ourselves and we wake to your lingering.  (Daryl Webber, 2016)


Responsive Psalm:   Psalm 98 Refrain 2    818 VU  Carol Anne Hunt


Anthem:                            “God Is Calling Us” – Natalie Sleeth


Gospel:                                                      John 1:1-16                                 Doug Francis




**Hymn:                                                          “Spirit of God”                                378 VU


Offering and Offertory:                   Hymn Improvisation


**Sung Dedication:             “God Says”          verse 4             172 MV     

                                                God says, “Reach out! The world’s in need

                               And wants a word, a song, a deed.

                               I send you forth to speak, to sing,

                                                to act for Christ in everything.”


**Prayer of Dedication


Prayers of the People and Lord’s Prayer


**Hymn:                  “I Feel the Winds of God Today”               625 VU




**Sung Blessing:                   “May God’s Sheltering Wings”                        214 MV

            May God’s sheltering wings, her gathering wings protect you.

            May God’s nurturing arms, her cradling arms sustain you,

            and hold you in her love, and hold you in her love.

(Judith Snowdon, 2004, Used with permission, CCLI 11181799)


Music after Service  



** Please stand as able.