September 16, 2018  



Music before Service


Welcome and Announcements


Chorale Introit:     “When Morning Gilds the Skies”     339  VU                                

Call To Worship:

Now is the time for worship.

We take a moment to center ourselves

In the beauty of this place,

In the gift of this day,

In the blessing of one another

With whom we walk and share the road of life.

And let us remember also our call to invite others in our living, so they may all know how good God is.

(Bob Root, Peterborough)


** Opening Hymn:              “How Firm A Foundation”       660 VU 


Opening Prayer:

O God, hear our prayer,

And speak to our hearts.

In times of joy and grief,

Be with us, O God.

In times of hunger and times of fullness

Be with us, O God.

In times of fear and in times of strength,

Be with us, O God.

In times of loneliness and and in times of community,

Be with us, O God.

Remind us of your love.

Remind us of your grace.

Remind us that you are always with us.

Amen. (Richard Bott, Dunbar Heights UC)


Thought For Young At Heart

(Children depart for Sunday School.)


**Hymn:                                            “Called by Earth and Sky”                                     135 MV


Scripture:                                          Psalm 19    pg. 740 VU            Bert Fonseca


Anthem:                                        “We Are Called”      – by B. Slagle Mayo


Gospel:                                                          Luke 15:11-32                                  Judy DeMone


**Hymn:                                            “Song of the the Sanctuary”    

                                                (Tune: Guide Me,  O Thou Great Jehovah  651 VU)

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Offering and Offertory:                 Hymn Improvisation


**Sung Dedication: “Now Thank We All Our God”  236 VU, vs 1


**Prayer of Dedication


**Prayers of the People and Lord’s Prayer


**Hymn:                    “God Whose Love is Reigning o’er Us”    399 VU


** Benediction


**Choral Amen: Amen, Amen, Hallelujah, Amen.


Music after Service