March 17, 2019 



Music before Service


Welcome and Announcements


Minute Person:                                                                                                                                                   Alice Deslauriers



Chorale Introit:               “O World of God”                                258 VU              

Acknowledgement of Territory


Call to Worship:

One: We are gathered on this second Sunday of Lent.

All:     It is a season of journey.

One: Jesus’ journey led to the cross.

All:     Is this our journey too?

One: As we gather to explore this question,

                        let us bring ourselves before God to worship.


**Hymn:                                 “This is God’s Wondrous World”                      296 VU


Opening Prayer:                                                                                                                                                                        Daryl Webber


Lighting the Christ Candle


**Hymn:                                                 “Gather Us In”                  7 MV


First Lesson:                  Job 2:11-13, Job 3:1-10               Pat Freedman                                                                 

Choir Anthem:                               “Be Thou My Vision” – by Dan Forrest

                                                                                                            Tradition Irish Hymn


Second Lesson:                                     Job 3:11-26                             Ron Shermet          

Sermon:                                                  “Why, God?”


**Hymn:                                     “O God, Why Are You Silent?”                73 MV


Offering Invitation


Offering and Offertory


**Sung Dedication:    “We Give Thee but Thine Own”        543 VU

                                                                      We give thee but thine own,

                                                                          whate’er the gifts may be;

                                                                           all that we have is thine alone,

                                                                             a trust, O God, from thee. 


**Prayer of Dedication


Prayers of the People:                                        Harold DeVenne


**Hymn:            “God Who Gives to Life Its Goodness”           260 VU




**Sung Blessing:                “Olde Irish Blessing”   - by Linda Fletcher                                                       



Music after Service