Youth and Young Adults

The young people at St. Paul's are an important part of the congregation.  These young people are very busy with school, sports, work, and other activities, and yet, they find church important and strive to be here on Sunday or during other times of the year.

The needs of these young people are constantly changing.  As they grow, their needs change.  Also, the group will change as some grow out of this age group and others grow into it.  Youth ministry needs to be flexible and support the needs of the youth.

At St. Paul's, we have a youth group that meets most Friday nights.  See our church calendar for dates.  This group is open to grades five to eight.

The high school youth are at an age where they are more independent and can do more service in the church.  Finding where each youth fits and where their gifts and skills might be most needed is important.  If they would like to fulfill their community service volunteer hours at the church, talk with Deborah.

Stay tuned for overnight or weekend events. 

We do not currently have a group for young adults.  Is this an interest?  Would someone like to begin this ministry?  Talk to Deborah.