Tots & Us

Tots and Us is a program geared for Moms, Dads, Grandparents, or anyone else who is looking after children who have not started school yet. It’s a low key program which gives the caregiver an opportunity to meet with other adults from the community and hopefully encourages a few friendships. The children have a variety of things to keep them busy, e.g. play dough, puzzles, colouring, ride toys, blocks and dress-up. After playtime, we gather in our small gym for a time of music and stories. Everyone is encouraged to join in. To end our time together, there is juice and cookies for the children and tea or coffee for the adults.

We meet every Monday morning, unless there is a holiday, from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., mid-September through to early May. Dates can be found on our website Calendar.

For further information please call the Church office at 905 845-3427.

Here is an article about the program.

Church Friends

This is a mentoring program at St. Paul's.  We match children/youth with elders in the congregation.  

If you are a child/youth in the church and you are interested in having a mentor or a church friend, please fill out this application.

If you are an elder in the church and you are interested in being a mentor or a church friend, please fill out this application.


  • To bridge the generations

  • To provide an intentional relationship for children with an adult at church outside of their family.

  • To provide an intentional relationship for elders with a child at church outside of their family.


  • That all children who apply for a church friend will receive a church friend, although this may not be the case for adults.

  • To help elders be more aware of the children of our community and their needs.

  • To help children be more aware of the elders of our community and their needs.

  • That there will be more understanding between the generations of the church.

  • That the relationship will continue and grow for many years.


1.  The application needs to be submitted to Deborah.  (Online applications will automatically be sent to Deborah.)  A team of people will then gather to make the matches.  

2.  When a match has been determined, the parents of the child/youth will be notified first and introduced to the elder.  

3.  If there are no concerns, the child/youth will then be introduced to the elder.

4.  Every partnership will look different.  Both child and adult will be encouraged to connect on Sundays, through cards in the mail, maybe by phone.  We will offer events at the church for all ages where these two might connect.  An adult might choose to attend the child’s school play or sports event and a child may choose to attend a concert in which the adult is involved or help clean their yard.  The two also might be there for each other in times of celebration or times of need.  Depending on the age of the friends and personalities, each relationship will look different.

5.  Other details:

  • All adults must have a police record check

  • It will be important to match every child/youth with an elder. Elders may find themselves without a match if there not enough children or youth who have applied.

PA Day Camps

Watch for our full day PA Day camps, where children will experiece engaging activities, fun games, healthy snacks, meet new and old friends, and know the love of God through the care of our volunteers. We accept preschool to grade four.  Grade five and up are welcome to attend as helpers and assistants and age 16 and up can lead workshops.

The cost is $15 a child and no more than $30 a family.  The price has increased to accommodate the hiring of high school students to help support the camp.


PA Days for 2019-2020 - Friday, November 22, Friday, January 31, and Monday, April 27


  • For children and families to understand their community through building relationships with other groups outside of our own.

  • To bring families together for an experience of faith and worship and mission.

  • To provide a mission and faith experience for families to have together.

  • For this experience to become an annual program, if the desire and need is present.