WELCOME TO ST. PAUL'S - a people-friendly church.  As you enter our SANCTUARY, your eyes will be drawn to the simple wooden cross suspended from the vaulted ceiling, softly lit by hanging lanterns.  Sit on a padded seat, and someone will smile and make you welcome.

Did you notice our large PARKING LOT?

RAMPS make each floor easily accessible, and the indoor LIFT gets you safely from floor to floor.

The FRIENDSHIP ROOM was created for quiet meditation, or meeting room, or for small receptions, as it has a small kitchenette. 

The SMALL GYM has its own kitchen and can be used for meetings, or rehearsals or receptions when you don't need the larger gym, which is called Watt Hall.

We have small SUNDAY SCHOOL rooms off Watt Hall, and larger rooms down the way with folding doors which open to make even larger rooms!

Take a peek into our brightly lit NURSERY where your little one can be safely accommodated during Sunday service.

Check out the LIBRARY on the lower level; you can browse or borrow a book for yourself or your little one.

At a cost of nearly $100,000, WATT HALL, our gymnasium/auditorium is now a bright, comfortable site for basketball, gymnastics, volleyball and badminton as well as exercise classes and other activities.

New lighting brings higher visibility to the state-of-the-art floor.

Acoustic panels on the upper walls provide enhanced audibility through a modern sound system.

Here is an ideal facility to present musical and stage shows, exercise classes, recreational activities and much more.

Two kitchens, folding tables and plenty of chairs are available for meetings or social functions.

The new floor provides a comfortable surface for athletic activities. The interlocked panels are cushioned by a shock absorbing under-padding, providing comfort for athletes.

Basketball, badminton and volleyball courts are outlined by different colour striping. The ‘key’ area is to the latest basketball dimensions.

Basketball practice is better than ever, thanks to new professional-looking glass backboards, rims and nets.

The ceiling and cross beams have been painted a light colour to enhance visibility.

New, high efficiency fluorescent lighting fixtures illuminate the gymnasium in sparkling brilliance.  New air circulation fans in the ceiling are quiet and efficient.