Holiday Jingle Bazaar - Saturday November 2nd

 2019 Holiday Jingle Bazaar - Saturday, November 2nd

 It is THREE weeks until our 2019 Holiday Jingle Bazaar. We hope that you are helping in the preparations. This is the week to begin bringing your treasures to the church, to assist the table convenors with pricing. Sewing, knitting, and crocheted items can be given to Carilyn McNaught (905 827-1828) or placed in room 2 with information about sizing, cost of production, and name of donor. 

Jewellery can be left in the office for Edith Cunningham (905 339-2297). Did you know that each piece of donated jewellery is washed before pricing and packaging? This takes time, so it is much appreciated when items are donated in advance. Similarly, donations to the Silent Auction Table are researched for pricing, and then prepared for the day of the bazaar. Wendy Walker (905 338-0192) suggests that donated items can be left to her attention, in room 2.  Do you have a favourite restaurant or retail store? Perhaps you could ask if they are willing to make a donation to this year’s Silent Auction.  All donations are appreciated.


We still need many helpers for Santa’s Café. Please check the sign up sheet in the narthex to see if there is a time slot where you can help.  Carol Tate (905 849-4974) and Cheryl Clarke (905 827-3137 or 905 808-9794) will be offering a luncheon menu of soup, sandwiches, and hotdogs, with cupcakes for dessert. Santa’s Café will be open for your lunching pleasure from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.

Mark the date on your calendar, November 2, from 9 am to 2:30 pm.  It is coming soon!








Santa’s Café – Saturday, November 2nd, 2019

Volunteers are needed for every area. Sign up sheet is in the foyer. Please contact Cheryl Clarke @ 905-827-3137 (H) or 905-808-9794 (C) and Carol Tate @ 905-849-4974 (H).Thank you.



Knitting and Sewing - If you have any items to donate to the bazaar, please contact Carilyn @ 905-827-1828 by Oct. 23rd, so she can get them marked and sort them into the right section. Thank you.





















Vendor Application

The inside story of  St. Paul’s Holiday Jingle 

The St. Paul's bazaar is always a huge success and has been in existence since the beginning of the church organization. It is our largest fundraiser for our U.C.W. The money is used to support the work of St. Paul’s, the wider work of the United Church of Canada, as well as various local outreach projects.

As a result of our success it takes many hours of dedicated work by so many people, in and outside of the church. The buttons table has an excellent display and has been able to sell many buttons. The Silent Auction team does a fantastic job throughout the year of collecting, picking up, cleaning and storing all the treasures that are offered. The knitting crew are busy bees as is evident every year with all the lovely items on their table. Bakers are busy preparing all the goodies for the bake table and the Country store is full of delicious jams, jellies, preserves, candy sticks, fudge and the famous tourtieres. Our very popular jewellery table is a success upstairs in our the Friendship room. We usually have about 50 vendors at the bazaar each year. All are pleased and have a successful day. Several of the vendors save the date for next year to ensure they have a spot.

The team in Santa's Snack Shack and Santa's Cafe are very busy providing excellent service to the patrons. The kitchen crew are quick and efficient with preparing the food to be delivered. Addition of the soft piano music adds to the festive atmosphere.

Publicity is organized. The UCW ladies of the Miriam unit fan out all over Oakville to put up our posters in malls, grocery stores, seniors centers, libraries, hockey arenas, and any other venue that would accept them. There are ads put on Kijiji and on Facebook as well. A sign is rented and put up outside, along with Frosty, on the day of the event. Vendors are given flyers when they receive their confirmation letters. They are encouraged to put the flyers on their tables at shows prior to our Bazaar and hand them out to family and friends.

Friday is set-up day. A work crew arrives early to set up the tables for the vendors, silent auction, and in Santa's Cafe. Next, the table convenors and their crews arrive to cover their tables and set out their wares. By 1pm, the vendors begin to arrive to set up their tables, right up until 9pm. Work crews make sandwiches for the cafe. Our UCW treasurers organize money floats for each of the tables. Name tags are distributed to the various locations for all workers. The decorations are put up in the church and Tea Room, with the help of our youth group in the evening. By late Friday evening, our bazaar is ready for our shoppers.

Over 150 people work on the day of the bazaar. These workers include UCW women, women who are not members of UCW, men, youth, and others from the community who choose to come and help us. These individuals work on the tables, in the cafe, in the parking lot providing security and directions, and greeting people at the doors. Many others work behind the scenes, making sandwiches, setting up tables,organizing the children’s activities, decorating and counting the nickels, dimes, and loonies spent by our shoppers. Many of these workers have returned year after year to convene or work at these tables. As the day winds down, many are able to stay and help restore the church afterwards. Thank you to each and every one for all of your support! Your dedication, hard work, time, and your continuous involvement make our bazaar a success!