Oakville Ready Hub

"OakvilleReady seeks to pilot an Oakville neighbourhood extreme weather resiliency hub model using places of worship and other neighbourhood organizations as engagement and care anchors. Our goal is to create an Oakville resiliency hub network that engages diverse community stakeholders to increase community capacity and understanding around how we can work to support each other during extreme weather events."

UPDATE: September 21, 2019

As you may remember, back in May we advised you of an initiative which is being piloted in Oakville where Places of Worship, including St. Paul’s are part of a weather emergency preparedness program. You were invited to join the launch at QEP Cultural Centre and we followed up with some pictures from that event.

As an Oakville Ready Hub, we have agreed to open our facility when called upon by the Town to provide a safe place for area residents as well as refreshments, friendly faces and places to charge up electronic communication devices.

We will not be required to provide food or accommodations, as the intention is for short term requirements only. The types of emergencies are meant to be local and short term, where only a small group would be expected.

Part of our role is also to provide a location for workshops by Oakville Ready personnel. Our first community meeting will take place on Wednesday October 2nd at 6:30 in the sanctuary, where Oakville Ready will explain the program to the local community and introduce St. Paul’s as the Community Hub. You are also invited to attend and learn more about the program and emergency preparedness.

Oakville Ready will be advertising and marketing the meeting, while we will provide the facility, sound system and screen for the presentation.

For further information on Oakville Ready, please go to their website – Oakvilleready.ca

If you have questions about St. Paul’s involvement, or want to be part of the team, please talk to Harold DeVenne or Deborah Laforet.

The OakvilleReady program is in partnership with the Town of Oakville. OakvilleReady is generously funded by the Oakville Community Foundation. To learn more about the great work of the Oakville Community Foundation, please visit their website: https://theocf.org.

You can learn more about this program and others with the Halton Environmental Network.

Alongside St. Paul's, six other churches have been chosen for the launch:

  • Church of the Incarnation

  • Kerr Street Mission

  • Knox Presbyterian Church

  • Maple Grove United

  • Shaarei-Beth El

  • St. Cuthbert Anglican Church